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Your story is finished.  You know every twist and turn of the plot.  You
know your characters inside and out.  Now how do you share all of that
with an editor, without her having to read the whole story?  The synopsis.  
I've placed some  great synopsis
how-to links and books below. Don't miss
the sample synopsis page link.
Some Books to Help
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Some Sites and Articles to Help Out
Some How-To Hints
Don't use some fancy font or cute flowery paper.  Stick with the same basics you
learned for manuscript easy to read font like dark courier size 12,
good twenty weight white paper.  Print on front side only, double spaced unless the
publisher's guidelines ask for something else. Some ask for single. Just make sure
it's easy to read. That's important for someone who reads all day at work, and often
takes more reading home.

When it comes to the length of a synopsis, longer isn't better. A good length is to
figure on about two synopsis pages for each hundred manuscript pages. Of course,
depending on the plot, you might find you can get by with less, or you might find you
need more. The key word here is "need". Of course, if the agent or publishers says
no more than five pages, then no more than five pages. If they ask for pink paper
with a size ten font, that's what you give them. Their wish is your command. Smile.
Sample Synopses
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Writing a Synopsis
so much easier. That being the case, I asked a number of authors to
please share the synopsis with us that won them their contract with
a big publisher or landed them a well-known agent. Many of those
authors, always willing to help other writers, agreed to share without
a second thought. So, click on the link below to read their synopses.
(Don't forget to check out the query page for samples of