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Writing Groups & Writing Contests
Writing groups can be a great help and support system for writers, published or brand new.
I'll never forget what it was like the first time I walked into a writers' meeting.  It was a
wonderful feeling of belonging, of being with people who understood the good and the bad
would make it, just to be at that meeting and share air with other writers. Now days
thankfully there are on line groups for those of us who live too far away from those face to
face ones. Oh, and those face to face ones are still around too if you are lucky enough to
be closer to one.

I've put together a large on line writing group just for romance writers. RWC, which is the
Romance Writers Community, was founded in 2001. By 2006 RWC had over 1600 active
members on the main group alone. To find out more about RWC, which is a free group
open to all romance writers, click on the RWC link here.  
Romance Writers Community
On-Line Group

If you are interested in joining RWA and then one of their local or on line chapters, I have a
lot of them listed on my
RWA Chapters page. The home pages of many chapters are
wroth a visit even if you don't belong to the chapter. Those pages often have some great
writing links and information listed. If you join RWA or not, you are still welcome to enter
most of their writing contests--some few or for RWA members only so do check. I have
plenty of them listed by deadline month here,
Romance Writing Contests.

(I'm adding this statement because every now and then I get asked if people who don't
below to RWA can join RWC. It seems some people even think they are one and the same.
One has nothing to do with the other. RWA is a huge national organization that writers pay
yearly dues to belong to. RWC is my baby, a simple and free on line community of writing
groups. I list information about RWA, its chapters and contests here simply for the same
reason I list other helpful sites and groups. As I write this, I am an RWA member and belong
to some of its chapter, but as just a normal member. I have no other connection with the
organization, and neither does RWC.)
If you are tired of trying to explain things to non-writers, things like writer's block, fear of rejection, and
characters who won't leave you alone much less do what you want them to, then a writing group might be just
the place you are looking for. There are lots of kinds of them that serve different needs.

Writing contests can serve a purpose too. If you aren't published they can let you get used to sending your
baby out and hearing what people who aren't family or friends, really think about it. You can learn a lot from
good judges, and even from bad ones. If you place or win a contest, then you have something to add to your
query letter, your website -- and with RWA chapter contests you might end up getting your chapters in front of
a dream agent or publisher that you might not have been able to reach otherwise. If you are published, there
are contests for you too. A nice way to get to list that you are an award winning author. (Smile)
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