Some Winning Query Letters
You have done the really hard work. You’ve completed an entire manuscript,
maybe more than 90,000 words. Now you need one more page. Just one
little simple page. But there’s nothing simple about it. What you need is a
one-page query letter, and although you’ve read the books and articles that
explain how to do it, you are stuck. You never thought writing one page
could be so hard.

It’s an important page. An editor or agent is going to read over that one page
and decide if they want to read any of that wonderful story you sweated
blood and tears over.

What to do? Where to start? You just aren’t sure. When you try, you just
know it reads all wrong, or you are starting it wrong, adding the wrong
things, leaving out the right things.

First, calm down. (Smile) You’ve made it this far. You have a completed novel.
Now let’s get that query written and ready to go.

Sometimes, often in fact, the best way to explain how to do something is to
show someone. A number of wonderful authors who have landed top agents
or published with the big boys, came forward when I sent out a call for help,
and have shared the query letters with me that got them that agent or sold
that manuscript for them. I’ve put them here on this page, so you can read
some that worked and figure out just how to do your own.

Near the bottom of each query you’ll find a link to the author’s website and a
link to buy the book the query is for.

I hope these samples take some of the fear and doubt away so you can get
that letter finished and put your best foot forward. After all, if you don’t send
out a query, that story is never going to see the light of day.

Best of luck and best wishes,
Charlotte Dillon

Agent Name
Agent Address

Dear Agent:

Violet Brantford is marrying the man of her dreams--only he doesn’t know it.

Why? Because the heroine of my recently completed novel, The Husband
, has switched places at the altar with her identical twin sister. Set in
England in 1816, the character-driven story is a 105,000 word historical
romance. Fun and sensual, the book weaves lies with love, treachery with
truth, teaching two people the ultimate meaning of honesty, passion, and

Shy, scholarly Violet Brantford has never enjoyed the stellar social success
of her beautiful twin sister, Jeannette; often she’s so tongue tied in public
she can barely speak. Resigned to her wallflower existence and her
unrequited love for her sister’s fiancé, Adrian Winter, she expects to end up
a spinster. Then fate steps in to shake up her life when her twin refuses to
marry her rich, handsome, powerful bridegroom only hours before the
wedding. Plagued by the knowledge that Jeannette’s defection will mean
social and financial ruin for their family, and tempted beyond measure by the
chance to marry the man she adores, Violet agrees to trade identities with
her twin. Now, she must keep society, and more importantly her husband,
from guessing the truth. Otherwise, she risks losing everything she holds
most dear.

Worldly and influential, Adrian Winter, Sixth Duke of Raeburn, knows he
must marry to secure his lineage. Without considering love--a fool’s illusion,
he believes--he chooses the most poised and polished of the Season’s
Incomparables for his bride. Only after the engagement is official does he
begin to suspect his fiancée may be playing him false with another man.
Unable to prove her infidelity though, he’s honor bound to proceed with the
wedding. He thinks he knows what to expect of his new bride, only she
surprises him with her undeniable innocence, her sweet spirit, and her love.
Who is this woman he doesn’t quite recognize and how will he stop himself
from losing his heart?

Now, a little about me. I am a member of the Romance Writers of America
with affiliation in the Washington D.C. regional chapter.  I have been a
finalist in numerous contests, receiving first place in West Houston RWA’s
2003 The Emily, first place in Smoky Mountain RWA’s 2002 Sweet, Spicy,
Spooky contest, and an honorable mention in Colorado Romance Writer’s
2003 Heart of the Rockies contest.  I hold a B.A. in history from the Ohio
State University. I am an avid reader of romance and love writing it as well.

I have enclosed the first chapter of my novel and a synopsis along with a
SASE for your convenience.  Thank you for your consideration. I look
forward to an opportunity to share the entire manuscript with you soon.
Tracy Anne Warren

The Husband Trap sold to Ballantine/Ivy.  Buy the Book.

The Knight Agency

I am seeking representation for my erotic historical romance Mirage, set in
1880 England and Egypt. Mirage has finaled in the 2005 Golden Heart, Long
Historical category and is approximately 100,000 words. Since submitting this
manuscript for the Golden Heart, I have intensified and enhanced the erotic
components of the book.  

Half Bedouin, half English, Viscount Blakeney is a man without a country. In
his heart, he’s always been Sheikh Altair Mazir, but a deathbed oath forces
him to divide his time between England and his beautiful Sahara. Despite his
English title and holdings, prejudice is a constant companion. An old love
betrayed him because of his mixed blood, and he believes his heritage
prevents him from finding true happiness, simply because he can never trust
a woman to love him for who he is—a half-breed.

An unorthodox upbringing has made Alexandra Talbot a strong, independent
woman. Determined to prove her worth as an archeologist, she is following in
her father's footsteps to uncover ancient treasures. Unlike her father, most
men have always treated her with benign condescension, unwilling to accept
her abilities as an educated scholar. Experience has taught her not to trust
men for this reason, but the mysterious Englishman helping her is different.
He doesn’t question her intelligence, only her impulsive nature.

When Altair finds himself protecting this feisty American as she searches for
an ancient Pharaoh’s treasure, Alex makes him wish things were different.
Despite his better judgment, desire flares between them under the desert
stars. When murder and betrayal turns their treasure hunt into a deadly
game—their love and survival hinge on them trusting each other.

As a published author with New Concepts Publishing (NCP), my erotic
Victorian novella, Rogue in Disguise, has earned rave reviews. I am hard at
work building my readership, and my next erotic Victorian novella with NCP
will be released sometime next month. I am a member of Romance Writers of
America with PRO status and belong to the online RWA chapter. Since
receiving my degree from Virginia Commonwealth’s School of Mass
Communications, my professional writing credits include institutional
messages, success stories for marketing materials and industry magazine
articles including a bi‑monthly column in the Virginia Review.  

Mirage has allowed me to explore not only the heightened sensuality of an
erotic romance, but given me the opportunity to encounter unique worlds and
shape a story that encompasses those unusual settings. I am excited about
Mirage, which is the first in a series of books with a similar multicultural
theme. I’ve also developed a marketing plan for Mirage to ensure the most
successful showing possible when my work is offered up in the print medium.
If you are interested in reading Mirage, I’d be delighted to forward it to you.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.

Monica Burns

This query won over the class A agent, and was later published along with
other books by Monica.
Buy the Book.
                                        My address here                  
Home Phone:  

Date here

Robert G. Diforio
His address here

Dear Bob:

Thank you for your email on June 11, 2005 requesting to see my Pleasure
Games Trilogy, targeted to Avon’s new erotic romance line.    

The first story PLEASURE CONTROL was a finalist in Lori Foster’s contest.  In
order to prove to the Grant Governing board that they are close to producing a
libido suppressant, scientists Laura Manning and Jay Cutler must use
themselves as guinea pigs.  Jay fulfils his role by injecting himself with the
serum.  Laura’s role requires candlelight, soft music, and silky lingerie.  Her job
is to entice him.  If he doesn’t get aroused they’ll know the suppressant works.  
If he does get aroused, however, Jay assures her the possibilities are endless.

In the second book, PLEASURE PROLONGED, all talk and no action scientist
Erin Shay decides it's time to take a stab at being the bad girl she pretends to
be.  She offers her new lab partner, Kale Alexander, a night of casual sex.  Kale
sets out to show Erin that when they slip between the sheets, or behind the
closed doors of an elevator, there is nothing casual about it.

The third book is titled PLEASURE EXCHANGE.  When journalist Cat Nichols
writes an article highlighting scientist Sam York's experiments, animal rights
activists mistakenly assume he is testing the experimental female libido
enhancer on his pet chimpanzee.  Knowing he is unable to complete his project
with protestors breathing down his back, Cat proposes a solution...her, in
exchange for the chimpanzee.

I am published with Ellora’s Cave under the pen name, Cathryn Fox.  I am a
member of Romance Writers of America, served two consecutive terms as
Secretary for Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada, and President of the
Annapolis Valley writers group.  I was a finalist in the Toronto Original Golden
Opportunity Contest, semi-finalist in the Heart of Denver contest and winner of
the RWAC Query letter contest.      

I’ve enclosed three synopses, three completed manuscripts, and a marketing

I look forward to hearing from you.

Cathryn Fox  

This query won Cathryn the agent. The books sold to Avon.
Buy the Book.
Dear Ms. Agent,

A woman who cannot trust. A man who will not love. A passion richer than the
dark of midnight.

Dangerously attractive anatomist, Dr. Damien Cole, is suspected of being the
killer who hunts in the back alleys of Whitechapel. Blaming himself for the
death of his sister, Damien exerts a rigid control, refusing to succumb to the
joys, and torturous pain, of strong emotions. He struggles against his growing
attraction to  his unconventional assistant, Darcie Finch, denying that which
he fears above all else - love.

Betrayed by those she trusted, brave, resilient Darcie is thrust into Damien's
strange household. Working beside the mysterious doctor, she is ever aware of
the charged atmosphere that crackles between them, and of the fact that she
must never again put her faith in a man of secrets.

Haunted by the passion that burgeons in her soul, she looks deep into the
heart of her enigmatic employer, and finds kindness hidden beneath his steely
reserve. But as the bodies line up one by one, Darcie must decide if Damien is
worthy of her love or if he is a terrifying creature unburdened by guilt or
remorse, a murderer who prowls the East End streets.

I am a member of Romance Writers of America, and am past associate
newsletter editor for the Toronto chapter. DARK DESIRES tied for first place in
the 2004 Haunted Hearts contest hosted by the Gothic Romance Writers
chapter of RWA.

Would you be interested in reading my work? I look forward to hearing from
you. Thank you for your time.

Eve Silver

Dark Desires sold to Zebra Books. Buy the Book.
My name
My address
My phone number
My email address


Editor name

Dear Editor,

As you requested, I’ve enclosed the revised version of
All the Way, my 85,000-
word manuscript targeting Superromance.  

Ambitious Midwestern entrepreneur Devin Colyer has been attracted to his
best friend Carey Langford for years, but she’s a forever kind of girl and he’s a
temporary kind of guy.  When Carey ends up alone and pregnant by a man
Devin detests, her jet-setting photographer days end.  Driven by her own
troubled childhood, she vows to make a happy family of two for her baby, but it
isn’t long before Devin’s protective streak surfaces, surprising them both.  Can
he get over his hang-up with the baby’s father and commit ALL THE WAY
before Carey gets it together without him?

I appreciate the suggestions you made for my rewrite and after taking them
into consideration, I feel my story is much stronger and a better fit for the
Superromance line.  I look forward to hearing from you and have enclosed a
SASE for your convenience.

Amy Knupp

Harlequin bought the manuscript, but changed the book's title to Unexpected
. Buy the Book.
Dear Agent,

I have published a number of short stories in magazines such as Pulphouse,
Marsdust, The Pedestal Magazine, and Paradox (upcoming). My first novel,
Hamlet Dreams, a dark fantasy, was released in 2001 from Aardwolf Press.
Here's a sampling of the reviews:

"A fine opening turn upon the stage." --
Asimov's Science Fiction

"No reader will want to miss this unusual and compelling novel." -- Midwest
Book Review

"Fine prose, likable characters, . . . and an interesting twist." -- Science Fiction

"An unusually strong ending." -- Booklist

"Hamlet Dreams is an exciting tale that can be interpreted on two distinct
levels: as a taut fantasy thriller or a deep psychological drama." --

I thought you might be interested in my 100,000-word paranormal romance
novel, Embraced in Darkness. The novel is complete.

The land of Faerie is divided between the Seelie Court (the "good" Court) and
the Unseelie Court (the "evil" Court). The Queen of the Unseelie Court wants to
unite the Courts under one dark rule, but she needs a figurehead, an heir to
both the Seelie and the Unseelie thrones. And so she sends her son to the
mortal world to seduce the illegitimate daughter of the Seelie King.

Hunter has never met a mortal woman he couldn't seduce. What his charm and
good looks can't accomplish, his Faerie glamour can. He's sure Kiera will be no
exception. But the more he gets to know her, the more he gets to like her, and
soon Hunter finds himself burdened with something a prince of the Unseelie
Court cannot afford: a conscience.

Kiera is a stubborn pragmatist who refuses to believe in magic or the
supernatural. But when Hunter starts to pursue her, her almost
uncontrollable attraction to him strikes her as odd. She's never felt this way
about a man before, certainly not about a complete stranger. Perhaps her goofy
mother's talk of Faerie, and glamour, and magic isn't quite so goofy after all.

As little by little Hunter ignites her passions and wins her trust, Kiera must
come to grips with the heritage she has long denied. And Hunter must find a
way to escape the heritage that would force him to break the heart of the
woman he has grown to love.

Would you be interested in taking a look at this manuscript? I have included a
SASE for your reply.

Jenna Black

This one worked to land Jenna the agent she wanted. Check out Jenna's
debut novel,
Watchers in the Night.  
Dear Agent's Name:

I have been seriously writing for nearly two years and am a finalist in fourteen
RWA contests with twelve different books, including second place in the
Daphne du Maurier Single Title category.  The Copycat Killer ranked second in
the Golden Opportunity contest.  I'm a member of the Sacramento Valley, Kiss
of Death and FF&P Chapters of RWA, and earned my PRO pin.

Why do some children grow up evil?  That is the timeless question addressed in
The Copycat Killer.

Ex-FBI agent turned fiction crime writer Rowan Smith wakes up one morning to
discover someone is using her books as blueprints for murder.

Her former FBI boss fears one of her past arrests is out to terrorize her and
insists she hire a bodyguard, or he'll assign two FBI agents to watch her.  
Rowan, who relishes her privacy and solitary life, doesn't want a bodyguard,
but reluctantly hires ex-cop Michael Flynn.

The killer systematically goes through each book and chooses a victim, sending
mementoes of the crime to Rowan.  Michael's brother, freelance DEA agent
John Flynn, accuses Rowan of hiding something and calls in favors to learn
enough to confront her.  She confesses that her father and brother killed her
family.  Her father is in a mental institution and her brother was killed trying to
escape.  They fall into bed needing
a physical connection.  The murderer kills Michael that night.

John and Rowan deal with their guilt over Michael's murder as they work with
the FBI to find the murderer.  They discover that Rowan's boss lied to her
about her brother's death--he's in a Texas penitentiary.  But when they go
there to confront him, they discover that someone took his place.

The Copycat Killer is a suspense with romantic elements, more in the vein of
Iris Johansen and Tami Hoag's single titles than traditional romantic suspense.

In addition to The Copycat Killer, I have two additional single-title romantic
suspense novels, a futuristic suspense (series) currently under consideration
at Dorchester, and a women's fiction novel with a ghost as a main character.

A full is available upon request.  Thank you for taking the time to consider my

Allison Brennan

This book was bought by Ballantine Books, and retitled The Prey. Buy the Book.
January 15, 2003

Tina Columbo, Associate Editor
Harlequin Books
300 East 42nd Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY  10017

Dear Tina,

In childhood, friendships are so easily formed that differences often go
unnoticed. One glance into a preschool classroom would attest to this fact. As
people approach adulthood, they seem to make distinctions and divisions based
on sometimes arbitrary circumstances. Doesn't every high school have its
cliques? Hand-Me-Down Heartbreak is a completed 75,000-word contemporary
romance that begins with this idea. A little girl from a loving home meets the
troubled boy next door. She is drawn his adventurous spirit; he enjoys her
winning attitude. They become best friends, until teenage hormones pull them

Tracy Gilbert is the grown-up girl and my story's heroine. When her childhood
buddy returns to town after a long absence, Tracy wants nothing to do with
him. She has an adopted daughter and a plan for her life that precludes
involvement with unsuitable men. Riley Collins is the picture of unsuitability.
His hair is too long, his eyes are too wild and he severed Tracy's trust when he
ran away with her older sister thirteen years ago. And yet, he's grown into a
man who is as fascinating as he is handsome. Circumstances compel Tracy to
accept a short-term assignment as Riley's consultant, and she sets a new and
towering goal: to finish the job and escape his company before he breaks her
heart a second time.  

My heroine is a single mother by choice. This is a viable option today, and I
think it says something about the woman choosing it. Whether she has become
cynical about the prospect of finding love or is simply taking charge of her
future, this woman must be strong and independent. I hope readers will
identify with Tracy. My hero is a man who has risen above a less than
fortunate childhood to become an admirable man. I hope readers will fall in love
with Riley. I'm sending the first three chapters for your consideration, and
would be pleased to send the complete novel at your request. Thank you for
your time and patience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With warm regard,
Kathy Hagan

Encl.:  synopsis
first three manuscript chapters
SASE for response letter

Kathy Hagan sold this manuscript to Harlequin. It was published under the
The Renegade, and under her pen name, Kaitlyn Rice. (You can find the
synopsis for this story on the Sample Synopses page.)
Buy the book.
Lucinda Betts
City, State zip

Kate Duffy         
Acquisitions Editor        
Kensington Publishing Corp.        
850 Third Avenue        
New York, New York 10022        

25 May 2004

Dear Ms. Duffy:

The Bet is a completed, 22,500-word erotic novella written with 'Brava' in

Zoe Lauterborn is the corporate Ice Queen, and nothing will stand in her
way. Phillip Kingdom is fascinated with her. Her achievements, her looks…he
wants her—but she won't let anyone get in her way. Sure of an upcoming
promotion, she gets drunk at happy hour, giving him an idea—The Bet.

I've worked as a freelance editor for Abacus Inc., a literary agency specializing
in fiction. I’ve been a member of the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors
and am currently a member of and the Romance Writers'
Community list group. I am also a multi-published non-fiction author.

Enclosed please find the synopsis and the first chapter. May I send you the
completed novella? Thanks very much for your time and consideration.

Lucinda Betts

A note from Lucinda Betts:
I sent this query to Kate Duffy, but within a week I had a letter back from
Hilary Sare's assistant asking for a full. A month after that Hilary called me
on the phone. She asked me what else I had written. At the time, Red Sage
was considering a full for a different novella. I had nothing else, but Hilary
asked me to cough up a few ideas—just a few sentences she said.

Well, I coughed up some ideas. She ended up rejecting two of the ideas and
asking for some more. A lot of this took place via e-mail and phone. When the
dust settled, I signed a contract for six manuscripts—4 novellas and 2 single
titles. I've sold Kensington another ST since then.

I didn't have an agent at this time, but a week after Hilary called me, two
other editors called me wanting to buy a different novella. A friend of mine
wrote mysteries and when I told her my dilemma, she gave me the phone
number for her agent. I picked up my agent via the phone without her ever
having read my work. She doesn't specialize in romance or erotica, but I
adore her and she's saved me tons of money and heartache.

Lucinda Betts sold this manuscript to Kensington Aphrodisia. It was
published as part of an anthology title
Pure Sex. (You can find the synopsis
for this story on the Sample Synopses page.)
Buy the book.
Jamie Leigh Hansen
Phone number
e-mail address

May 24, 2005

Natasha Kern
PO Box 2908
Portland, OR  97208

Dear Ms. Kern:

During the past eight years I’ve been a member of RWA, I’ve heard many
wonderful things about you as an agent.  Your informative and encouraging
website only confirmed them. I waited until I had the perfect story, ready to
go.  Therefore, I respectfully submit my completed, and revised, 106,500 word
paranormal romance novel, Betrayed, for your consideration.

Betrayed mixes contemporary, historical and paranormal in a new way.  It is
not a time travel.  The predominant aspect is contemporary.  I have an intense
set of seven books, in various stages of planning and writing, that build the
paranormal aspect through each book, beginning with Betrayed.  

Kalyss has survived a nasty marriage that almost killed her.  She is now a fit,
tough martial arts instructor, in business with her childhood friend.  She's
healing the scars of the past and determined to be independent and strong,
never again a cowering wreck.  She's learned the lesson of a lifetime, but what
happens when she learns this is a lesson she's taken ten lifetimes to learn?

In 1070 AD England, a Norman warrior conquered a castle for his King and
married a beautiful woman from the village.  A woman who could see a
person's past just by touching them.  In one night, they fought their way
through the conflicts between them and discovered a blossom of feeling that
could win them the future of love and family they both desperately wanted.

But by dawn's first light, a man's betrayal and an enemy's hatred separated
them.  The bride was murdered in front of the warrior husband, who froze to
stone in his grief, to be tormented with his memories for nearly a thousand
years.  The betrayer lived, through time and death, guilt and duty, and aided
the bride every hundred years when she was reborn.  Yet the enemy also
lived, preventing them both from freeing the stone warrior from his eternal
torment.  Until now.

Only, this time, it's all backwards.  She remembers nothing of her quest, but
the enemy attacks and changes her life. She believes her friend is dead and
the betrayer she doesn't recognize is killed in front of her. The killer has
altered his pattern, before she even knows he had one, and she's freed her
destined love without knowing him or what to do with him.

I’ve loved reading all genres of romance, and dreamed of writing them, since I
was 13.  I am an active member of Romance Writers of America and the Idaho
Writer’s League and have spent the last 8 years honing my craft and choosing
exactly the type of story I want to tell.  I believe Betrayed encompasses many
of the qualities I love in a romance.

Thank you for your time and attention.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Jamie Leigh Hansen
e-mail address

Jamie Leigh Hansen's query landed her this top agent, and the manuscript of
Betrayed was sold to Tor.
Buy the Book. Look on the Sample Synopses page to
read the synopsis of this story.

I am seeking representation for my first novel, a completed 94,000 word
urban fantasy.

DEARLY DEPARTED is the story of Sarah Dearly, a newly made vampire, and
her adjustment to life as one of the fashionably undead. If the hunters on her
tail weren't enough, she also has to deal with her love triangle with a
600-year-old sexy (but suicidal) master vampire and one of the vampire
hunters who can't decide if he wants to kill her or kiss her. She
struggles to combine her comfortable, working-girl life with her new,
unpredictable and danger-filled world, which includes her quest for the
rumored 'cure for vampirism,' once she decides that life as a vampire, In the
end, she realizes that when the world is out of control, the only thing you can
trust is your heart. Provided there are no wooden stakes lying around.

I think of this novel as 'Chick-Lit with Bite' -- Bridget Jones meets Interview
with the Vampire -- as it is filled with humor, romantic tension, and
suspense, utilizing Sarah's witty, lightly sarcastic, first person point-of-view.
It will appeal to mainstream fantasy readers, vampire enthusiasts, hopeless
romantics, as well as those who enjoy a good story, a
good laugh, a few tears, and a happy ending. Although DEARLY DEPARTED
stands alone as a novel, I have outlines for two potential sequels.

I would love the chance to send you a few chapters, or the entire manuscript,
and synopsis of DEARLY DEPARTED at your request. Please feel free to
contact me using the enclosed SASE or via email. Thank you for your time and

Michelle Rowen   

This query landed
Michelle Rowen both the agent and a contract with Warner
Books. The title of the book was changed to
Bitten & Smitten.  Buy the Book.
All writing on this page copyrighted by its authors.

Agent’s name

Contact information

Dear Ms. Agent,

Hello. My name is Jennifer Estep. I’m looking for an agent to represent my
Karma Girl. It is a 94,000-word campy, paranormal chick-lit that would
be the first in a series of books.

Karma Girl tells the story of Carmen Cole, an investigative reporter who
catches her fiancé and best friend cheating on her on her wedding day. Even
worse, she discovers that they moonlight as her town’s resident, comic-book-
type superhero and ubervillain. Angry and hurt, Carmen exposes the pair’s
secret identities to the whole town and discovers that she has a knack for
unmasking heroes and villains. Carmen travels from town to town, newspaper
to newspaper doing just that until one of the heroes she exposes commits
suicide. Carmen quits her exposing ways, but she’s forced back into the game
by the Terrible Triad, a group of ubervillains who want her to expose the real
identities of their archenemies, the Fearless Five. Epic battles, daring escapes,
and elaborate schemes ensue, along with some romance with a sexy
superhero named Striker.

I am an award-winning features writer and page designer for a daily
newspaper. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and journalism, and a master’
s degree in professional communications. I won third place in the Harlequin
Flipside “Write Your Heart Out” contest in 2004, and I am a member of
Romance Writers of America.  

I’ve enclosed a brief synopsis and the first three chapters of
Karma Girl. I
would be happy to send you the full manuscript if and when appropriate.
Please contact me if you need more information. Thank you for your time.  

Jennifer Estep

Jennifer Estep got the agent, and soon had a publishing contract with Berkley
Books for
Karma Girl, her debut novel. Buy the Book

                                     To Catch A Spy

Miss Patience Mandeley will do anything to save her younger brother from a
hanging, including spying. Because her brother is wanted for treason, which
she knows is unsupported; Patience decides to find the real guilty party.  All
facts point to the Earl of Londringham, Lord Bryce Andover, as the Englishman
selling military secrets to the French. How hard could it be to obtain a position
in his home, follow him, and search his house for possible evidence?

In southeastern England, 1803, Napoleon is gathering his forces on the other
side of the Channel, planning an invasion. Distrust, suspicion, and hysteria
take hold of the English people, particularly in the southeast where a French
landing is quite probable. While Bryce, an actual English spy, must rout out
those guilty of sedition as well as a ring of French spies, he’ll have his hands
full with his new maid. She seems to be everywhere he turns. Based on her
grace and intelligence, he determines she’s no servant. But who is she and
what is she up to? He’ll have to keep her close to ferret out her secrets and
enjoy her kisses, all in a day’s work.

Patience soon realizes this spying work is dangerous and takes a great deal of
practice.  She’ll be shot at, knocked unconscious, and confronted by smugglers
and highway men. Little does she realize the most dangerous part will be falling
in love with her target, Lord Londringham.  If he’s not the guilty party, then
who is? Together, they must learn to trust each other and stop the French
invasion before the infamous French spy, “Dark Angel,” destroys them all.

I have a BA in English literature, and I’m a member of Romance Writers of
America as well as the Bucks County Romance Writers chapter.

If you are interested, I will gladly send you either the first three chapters of
this story, or the complete manuscript.  Thank you very much for your time
and consideration

Kit Donner sold her (Georgian) Historical Romance, her debut novel, to Zebra. It
was retitled
The Notorious Bridegroom and released in August 2009.  Buy the