Lillie and Augustus are sisters. The others in the picture
are sons and daughters of Augustus.
Front Row:
Lillie 'Lewis', Augustus Mae "Gussie" 'Lewis' Jenkins,
Jessie Marie 'Jenkins' Hill, Margrtte Pauline 'Jenkins' Waits
Second Row:
Willie Gene 'Jenkins' Hill, Connie Ray 'Jenkins' Landry,
Joe Ellen 'Jenkins' Waits
Back Row:
Albert Cyrel "AC" Jenkins, James Wilmar 'Jim Bow' Jenkins
Charles Edward Hill
This is a school picture of Charles Edward
Hill's class taken in Bogalusa, LA probably
around 1938, give or take a few years.
I don't know who they are, but this picture was in
with other old family ones, so I'm sure they are
family. Do you know who they are? If you do, let me
know at
Sarah Jane Hill, Charles Raymond Hill,
George Edward Hill
Three of the Jenkins sisters: Connie
Ray, Joe Ellen, and Joyce Faye.
Probably taken about 1951.
Estell 'Jenkins' Mayfield with her
husband holding a dog, and her
brother Albert Cyrel "AC" Jenkins on
her other side.
Estell is the sister of William "Willie"
Elisha Jenkins. Albert Cyrel is the son
of William Elisha Jenkins.
Myrtle 'Jenkins' Saucier with husband Sill Saucier.
Myrtle is the sister of William "Willie" Elisha Jenkins.