Elisha Jenkins, born 1872
John Albert Alsobrooks with his daughter
Sarah Jane 'Alsobrooks' Hill
Charles Raymond Hill
and Sarah Jane Hill, with
their mother, Jessie
Marie 'Jenkins' Hill
John Albert Alsobrooks
Alsobrooks sisters. I was told Maudie Alsobrooks
is the one sitting down. Don't know which two
sisters are with her. If you know please drop me a
note using the contact link at the top of this page.
John Albert Alsobrooks with his wife
Susan Viola 'McCarty' Alsobrooks
Maudie Alsobrooks
John Albert and Susan Alsobrooks with their children.
I had a few other old family pictures I wanted to add, but thanks to the flood from hurricane Katrina, I
lost them -- and years' worth of other family pictures and keepsakes and family info that can never be
replaced. If you have an old family picture of anyone from one of the families here, I would love to see
it. I'll add as many as I can to this site, so any family member can find them and see them, and even
print them if they like. There's a contact link at the top of this page, so you can reach me if you have
info or an old family picture. Thank you!

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